Even my distractions are progress tonight


Look what I finally did, it’s not finished yet, but I cut my hair. Yay! Just a quick pic to see what I need to do to the back still…not high enough yet, but the sides are done. Not much left to do.

Yeah this is still that faded our color I put in last month, I don’t have money for a new boxed color so I think I will break out my people manic panic dye that I forgot about. Hey, why not.

I just got back from the grocery store, walked the mile there and hopped the bus home, yes with my hair just like this, but I got my exercise in for today. I’m feeling good! Dinners baking so off I go to finish the cut.

Have a great night everyone!


Major fading, hair dye update


2 weeks later

About 2 weeks ago, March 13, I posted a pic and review of a new permanent ammonia free hair dye I tried, Revlon Cornsilk Burgundy color; here’s my update.

I am not impressed. As you can see the color drastically faded even with shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. In 2 days I could see that the roots were fading, my blond starting to come through. Although I do enjoy the color it has faded to, I could have gotten the same results from a temporary dye.


Right after dying

What I do like is of course the conditioner used with the original treatment, it left my hair softer than it’s felt in years. I also like how it’s still clinging to the grey. Unfortunately that’s just not enough for me which means I get to trim and dye my hair another color 🙂

Shout out to the creative and fun blogger, Sary Fairy


I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite vloggers on YouTube, Sary Fairy. Her creativity in self expression and body art to accentuate beauty is admirable. Her vlog is fun and full of positive messages, even addressing, at one point, comments claiming “it’s easy for you to be confident, you’re beautiful” and accusing her of lacking confidence and using makeup to hide behind (watch here).

I don’t know her life story, nor have I watched all of her videos, but whatever her history or reasons behind anything she does do not and should not matter to anyone but her; who isn’t covering something up? Confidence is an emotion, a feeling, if body art brings out your confidence then embrace it! We should all be confident in ourselves in whatever way comfortable.

So here is a big Finally Fixing Me shout out to Sary Fairy: Your beautiful as you so go on and Express Yourself girl!

To view and subscribe to Sary Fairy’s vlog visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcsSjtT-h_XwBzyJGSKtAg