The hidden blessing

I have spent the month worried and stressed over money, how to pay off the bills and save up to move in just 3 months. Then my car broke down and it all consumed me. I spent all day Thursday trying to find a good price to scrap my car, after that the memories of busing it everywhere came flooding back which in itself is overwhelming.

I feel bad about all of the complaining and worrying I did over losing the car. As soon as I turned the car over to charity I felt a weight lift off of me, and even now I feel so much lighter. Yes riding the bus will dominate our time, but it will save us a grip…about $150/mo. (Gas and insurance). I have been praying all this time for God to keep my car running, and He had, and recently for Him to help with my move and bills; little did I know that the 2 were in contradiction, my car was a sacrifice necessary for this move to happen. God always has a plan.

I am thankful that we live in a city full of buses which not only offer monthly bus pass, but offer discount passes for low income…if this program did not exist then this would not save me much money. It will take some planning and budgeting to make this work out without becoming a burden, but we can do it.

Today’s bus journey felt great. I feel energized, my muscles used, and I actually felt like cleaning and cooking. What a way to boost my dormant weight loss adventure.



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