Take that greedy world

I’m feeling blah and gross today. I slept well, but was woke with bad news; my car will cost more than its worth to fix…a valve was bent. I truly hate that I don’t have the money. I spent the morning calling around to get the best scrap price, the best offer $65 😦 

This was disappointing to say the least, over 5 years ago I scrapped a similar car for $300. After lunch I called back to accept the offer and schedule pick up only to find out that because I accidentally destroyed the title they will not pay me to pick it up. You don’t need the title to scrap it only an affidavit and my registration, but whatever! Back to the phones. Nobody would pay me for my car without the title, but they’d happily take it for free and greedily profit off of it.

That kind of greed is NOT me!!

So it’s decided, I’m donating my beloved vehicle to Make-A-Wish foundation. If anyone received my car to keep the profit then I want some of what they make to go to those who will benefit.

So there greedy world!

Now to pay off the mechanic and pray I can bribe them to watch my car until it can be picked up. I’m hoping they will do so without greed. I need to find a mechanic with a good heart, I miss my old mechanic. I guess it’s not a hurry as I won’t have a car for a while.


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