Now what?!?

I’m about to lose my $#!@. The end of last month my landlord let me know he won’t be renewing our lease in June (he’s renovating and jumping the rent $500), so we have 4 months to come up with a deposit, first months rent, pet deposits, and moving fees while keeping utilities paid. As if that want already too much, today my car broke down!!

Thank God my brother-in-law had AAA, it’s in the shop now. I have no idea how I will pay for repairs though!! I’m not working, my son has some health issues right now that require I’m there and is on disability. It’s so frustrating! I’ve never been out of work and struggling like this before. I know I need to put it on God, somehow I can’t help feeling so overwhelmed though.

Well now you know why I’m not able to sleep at night and why I so willingly welcome distractions. It feels so beyond me, but I know there’s a way. I’ve got this, God’s got me…this will pass.


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